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2021 SEC baseball tournament thoughts and takeaways: Arkansas vs. Georgia

 Chris Lee   in Baseball

HOOVER, Ala.--Some observations from Wednesday night's Arkansas-Georgia game in the 2021 SEC baseball tournament. 

B7: Georgia 2, Arkansas 10

Well, Georgia just ruined everything... Lael Lockheart's perfect game, his no-hitter, and (at least for a few minutes) our chance of this game ending early. Josh McAllister picked up an infield single with two outs in the seventh, and then Corey Collins ripped a 2-2 pitch just out to right-center. 

And now it appears we may have rain moving in, which could also delay the start of Ole Miss-Vanderbilt. 

T6: Georgia 0, Arkansas 10

The Razorbacks need six more outs without allowing a run to end their evening.

Arkansas has scored those runs with the benefit of just six hits, including just two for extra bases, which tells you all you need to know about tonight. 

B5: Georgia 0, Arkansas 7

Oh, and there's also this: Arkansas starter Lael Lockhart hasn't allowed a base runner through five innings, while striking out seven.

B4: Georgia 0, Arkansas 7

Georgia appears to be bored with this, too. Bulldog pitcher Hank Bearden stuck out Robert Moore to end the inning, but didn't realize it was the third out until he saw his teammates starting to trot off the field. 

T4: Georgia 0, Arkansas 6

It's been an eventful few innings. 

The headline, by far, was Arkansas first baseman Brady Slavens leaving the game earlier. Slavens appeared to suffer an ankle or lower-leg injury as he tried to beat out an infield hit. Instead, it looked as if Slavens hit the bag awkwardly and he went down writing in pain immediately.

Slavens was helped from the field by the Arkansas training staff and had trouble putting weight on his right foot at first, though was able to do so somewhat by the end of his journey off the field.

Meanwhile, Georgia is throwing a bunch of unheralded arms and it's going about as you'd expect against Arkansas. The Razorbacks have just three hits in three innings, but, they've walked five times and been efficient (only two left on base) and that's why they've got a six-run lead.

T1: Georgia 0, Arkansas 0

Arkansas starter Lael Lockhart retires Georgia in order to start the game. Charlie Goldstein draws the start on the hill for Georgia.