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A final list of all SEC players and commitments selected in the 2021 MLB Draft

 Chris Lee   in Baseball

The 2021 MLB Draft is done, and the SEC had a ton of players and commits picked. 

Rowdey Jordan, selected by the Mets in Round 11, pictured. Photo courtesy of Mississippi State athletics. 

Here's a final list of all players and commitments from the Southeastern Conference picked in the 2021 MLB Draft, which lasted 20 rounds. 


Peyton Wilson, 2B (66th-Royals

Dylan Smith, RHP (74-Tigers)

Chase Lee, RHP (164-Rangers)

Sam Praytor, C (179-Marlins)

Tyler Ras, RHP (410-Rockies)

* Noah Miller, SS (36-Twins)

* Luke Holman, RHP (602-Blue Jays)


Kevin Kopps, RHP (99-Padres)

Christian Franklin, CF (123-Cubs)

Ryan Costieu, RHP (201-Angels)

Casey Opitz, C (244-Cubs)

Patrick Wicklander, LHP (251-A’s)

Lael Lockhart, LHP (282-Dodgers)

Caden Monke, LHP (409-Royals)

Elijah Trest, LHP (560-Rockies)

Charlie Welch, C (564-Mariners)

* Max Muncy, SS (25-A's)

* Jordan Viars, OF (84-Phillies)

* Drew Gray, LHP (93-Cubs)

* Braylon Bishop, OF (403-Pirates)

* Drake Varnado, SS (498-Diamondbacks)


Ryan Bliss, SS (42-Diamondbacks)

Richard Fitts, RHP (183-Yankees)

Tyler Miller, 1B (256-Red Sox)

Steven Williams, C (403-Nationals)

* Calvin Ziegler, RHP (46-Mets)


Jud Fabian, CF (40-Red Sox)

Tommy Mace, RHP (69-Indians)

Nathan Hickey, C/3B (135-Red Sox)

Christian Scott, RHP (142-Mets)

Jacob Young, LF (203-Nationals)

Jack Leftwich, RHP (216-Indians)

Franco Aleman, RHP (306-Indians)

* Andrew Painter, RHP (13-Phillies)

* Chase Petty (26-Twins)

* Jay Allen (30-Reds)

* Jake Fox, SS (95-Indians)

* Kyle Larsen, RHP (524-Rangers)

* Ty Evans, OF (607-Braves)


Ryan Webb, LHP (125-Indians)

Ben Harris, LHP (252-Dodgers)


John Rhodes, CF (76-Orioles)

Austin Schultz, LF (285-Tigers)

Holt Jones Jr., RHP (419-Marlins)

* Jackson Merrill, SS (27-Padres)


Jaden Hill , RHP (44-Rockies)

Landon Marceaux, RHP (80-Angels)

* Ben Kudrna, RHP (43-Royals)

* Carter Jensen, C (78-Royals)

* Brock Selvidge, LHP (92-Yankees)

* Ian Moller, C (103-Rangers)

Mississippi State

Will Bednar, RHP (14-Giants)

Tanner Allen, RF (118-Marlins)

Eric Cerantola, RHP (139-Royals)

Christian MacLeod, LHP (159-Twins)

Rowdey Jordan, CF (322-Mets)

* Jackson Bruns (29-Dodgers)

* James Wood, OF (62-Padres)

* Jordan McCants, SS (88-Marlins)


Seth Halvorsen, RHP/OF (565-Phillies)

Ole Miss

Gunnar Hoglund (19-Blue Jays)

Doug Nikhazy, LHP (58-Indians) 

Taylor Broadway, RHP (185-White Sox)

* Jackson Jobe, RHP (3-Tigers)

South Carolina

Brett Kerry, RHP (141-Angels)

Brady Allen, CF (149-Marlins)

Thomas Farr, RHP (150-Reds)

Brannon Jordan, RHP (Brewers)

Andrew Peters, RHP (291-Angels)

Wes Clarke C/1B (297-Brewers)

Julian Bosnic, LHP (476-Giants)

* Cooper Kinney, 2B (34-Rays)


Chad Dallas, RHP (Blue Jays-121)

Liam Spence, SS (154-Cubs)

Max Ferguson, 2B (160-Padres)

Connor Pavolony, C (197-Orioles)

Jake Rucker, 3B (219-Twins)

Jackson Leath, RHP (344-Rangers)

Sean Hunley, RHP (581-Rays)

* Brady House, SS (11-Nationals)

* Ryan Spikes, SS (100-Rays)

* Chase Burns, RHP (610-Padres)

Texas A&M

Dustin Saenz, LHP (112-Nationals)

Bryce Miller, RHP (113-Mariners)

Will Frizzell, 1B (RHP-296-Nationals)

Chandler Jozwiak, LHP (389-Marlins)

* Isaac Pacheco, 3B (39-Tigers)


Jack Leiter, RHP(2-Rangers)

Kumar Rocker, RHP (10-Mets)

Luke Murphy, RHP (104-Angels)

C.J. Rodriguez, C (158-A’s)

Hugh Fisher, LHP (288-Diamondbacks)

Jayson Gonzalez, 3B (515-White Sox)

Dominic Keegan, 1B/C (573-Yankees)

* Jordan Lawlar, SS (6-Diamondbacks)

* Joshua Baez, OF (54-Cardinals)

* Michael Morales, RHP (83-Mariners)

* Davis Diaz (348-Diamondbacks)

* Carter Holton (567-Brewers)