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LSU duo moves up the rankings of SEC position players/DHs

 Chris Lee   in Baseball

Tennessee's Liam Spence remains in the lead, but the gap's narrowing, while LSU freshmen Tre' Morgan and Dylan Crews move up the list

Tre' Morgan photo courtesy of LSU

Here are our rankings of the best 14 position players/DHs in the league. In parenthesis is an estimate of how many runs each player has created both overall, and per 27 outs, per a Bill James formula, in all games. SEC and defensive stats aren't show, but are considered.

1. Liam Spence, SS, Tennessee (39.0, 11.2): Keeping up his elite .381/.557/.492 line for another week. 

2. Hayden Dunhurst, C, Ole Miss (33.9, 9.9): Rebel backstop walks 18% of the time, while striking out just 13%.

3. Tre' Morgan, 1B, LSU (39.7, 10.3): Freshman hits a remarkable .400/.469/.600 in SEC games.

4. Dylan Crews, RF, LSU (42.7, 11.4): Needs to pick it up in SEC play a bit (.313/.403/.507) but man, has he been special in all games.

5. Tanner Allen, RF, MSU (36.3, 10.2): Ranks in the league's top 15 in league play in all "slash" categories (.348/.451/.682)

6. Matt Goodheart, DH, Arkansas (31.5, 10.0): Best hitter on the league's best and most balanced offensive team.

7. Nathan Hickey, C, Florida (41.3, 10.9): Has thrown out one runner in 18 SEC tries, but the bat's been great. 

8. T.J. Collett, 1B, Kentucky (36.7, 9.1): Hitting .357/.444/743 in conference games.

9. Connor Tate, RF, Georgia (35.2, 9.1): Hitting .352/.425/.690 in league play.

10. Brady Allen, CF, South Carolina (38.1, 9.2): Hitting .295/.353/615 in the SEC.

11. Wes Clarke, DH, South Carolina (36.9, 10.2): Ranks second in America with 15 HR, but hitting just .180/.346/.344 in the SEC.

12. Jake Rucker, 3B, Tennessee (36.7, 8.7): Steady third baseman hits .342/.424/.644 in SEC games.

13. C.J. Rodriguez, C, Vanderbilt (23.9, 9.9): He's been a whiz offensively and defensively. 

14. Carter Young, SS, Vanderbilt (32.9, 7.5): Slick up the middle and has shown pop in league play.