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Mississippi State's Tanner Allen, Rowdey Jordan make their moves in SEC player rankings

 Chris Lee   in Baseball

Two Mississippi State outfielders continue to rise up the power rankings, as does Vanderbilt outfielder Enrique Bradfield Jr. 

Here's our power rankings of the top 14 non-pitching players with two weeks left in Southeastern Conference play. Listed in parenthesis is an estimate of how many runs each player has produced, both overall and per 27 outs, per a Bill James formula. Stats for all games are listed, but performance in conference play is weighted heavily.

1. Liam Spence, SS, Tennessee (47.9 RC, 11.8 RC/27): There's some noise in the numbers (.474 BABIP) but a .558 on-base mark in league games is nothing short of incredible.

2. Tanner Allen, RF, Mississippi State (47.0, 10.9): Allen (.406/.487/.729) continues to close the gap between Spence and the field.

3. Enrique Bradfield Jr., CF, Vanderbilt (43.0, 10.2): Leads the country in seals, gets on base at an elite rate (.476 in the SEC) and is an elite defender in center.

4. Tré Morgan, 1B, LSU (48.7, 10.7): Has shown remarkable consistency at the plate, particularly for a freshman.

5. Ryan Bliss, SS, Auburn (41.0, 9.2): Hitting .374/.432/.636 while doing a solid job at a premium position.

6. Hayden Dunhurst, C, Ole Miss (34.8, 8.3): His offensive production has tailed off the past two weeks.

7. Will Frizzell, 1B, Texas A&M (50.0, 10.0): A five-home run weekend vs. Ole Miss was one for the ages.

8. Rowdey Jordan, CF, Mississippi State (41.9, 8.8): If he hit in non-conference the way he hits inside the league (.344/.479/.581), he'd be several spots further up the list.

9. Nathan Hickey, C, Florida (46.3, 9.8): Continues to rake (.300/.435/.522) within the league.

10. Matt Goodheart, DH, Arkansas (36.0, 9.3): He just seems to hit every weekend.

11. Dylan Crews, RF, LSU (47.7, 10.5): 32 walks, 32 strikeouts shows remarkable maturity for a freshman.

12. Christian Franklin, CF, Arkansas (39.5, 8.4): Hitting .299/.427/.586 in league games.

13. Jake Rucker, 3B, Tennessee (43.3, 8.7): Former Little League World Series star has been a key to Vols' success.

14. Jud Fabian, CF, Florida (40.2, 7.8): He's struck out just six times in his last 10 games after striking out 16 times in his first 10.