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Our final Southeastern 14 SEC baseball hitter/position player rankings of 2021

 Chris Lee   in Baseball

Here's how we rank the top 14 non-pitching players in the Southeastern Conference now that the season is done. 

Tanner Allen photo courtesy of Mississippi State. 

Here are our final rankings for the top 14 hitters/position players within the Southeastern Conference for the 2021 baseball season. In parenthesis is the number of runs each player was estimated to have generated per 27 outs, per a Bill James formula, in all games. 

We considered SEC and postseason performance, as well as defensive contributions and strength of schedule, as we assembled our rankings. 

1. Tanner Allen, RF, Mississippi State (12.8 RC/27): Left the regular season as our No. 1 player, and his College World Series performance only cemented that.

2. Liam Spence, SS, Tennessee (9.8): Had a .533 on-base average in SEC regular-season games, which led the league.

3. Rowdey Jordan, CF, Mississippi State (10.2): It seemed he got a big hit every time the Bulldogs needed it.

4. Jacob Gonzalez, SS, Ole Miss (11.0): He so, so gifted both offensively and defensively.

5. Ryan Bliss, SS, Auburn (10.7): Had a .424 OBP while slugging .650 in the league.

6. Will Frizzell, 1B, Texas A&M (11.3): Absolutely carried the Aggies offensively late in the year. 

7. Enrique Bradfield Jr., CF, Vanderbilt (9.1): Tailed off as he was banged up in Omaha, but winning a national Gold Glove in center was huge.

8. Dylan Crews, RF, LSU (12.4): Didn't hit as well in the league, which hurt his ranking here, but otherwise had an unbelievable freshman season.

9. Christian Franklin, CF, Arkansas (9.0): Slumped in the postseason, but you can't ignore the body of work or the elite defense.

10. Tim Elko, DH, Ole Miss (12.3): Only made 43 starts and that puts a ceiling on his ranking, but nobody meant more to his team than Elko when he played.

11. Tre´Morgan, 1B, LSU (9.8): Had a phenomenal .455 OBP in SEC regular-season games.

12. Logan Tanner, C, Mississippi State (7.7): To start 66 times behind the plate and hit and field the way he did was remarkable. 

13. Kevin Graham, LF, Ole Miss (10.2): Was probably the league's most underrated hitter; struck out just 12% of the time.

14. Jake Rucker, 3B, Tennessee (8.2): Vol All-American started all but one game.