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SEC West MLB Draft preview: Berry, Sims, Pallette, Prielipp, Crawford, more

 Chris Lee   in Baseball

The 2022 MLB Draft will have a huge impact on the SEC's 2023 season. 

Robert Moore/Jalen Battles photo courtesy of Arkansas athletics

The 2022 MLB Draft will have plenty of storylines as it pertains to SEC baseball. Today, we preview some players and recruits of interest in the SEC West, including Jacob Berry, Cade Doughty, Justin Crawford, Robbin Snelling, Tucker Toman, Mikey Romero, Brady Neal and Jacob Misiorowski (LSU); Connor Prileipp and Walter Ford (Alabama); Cayden Wallace, Peyton Pallette and Cole Phillips (Arkansas); Logan Tanner, Landon Sims and Jett Williams (Mississippi State); Tim Elko, Dylan DeLucia, Jackson Ferris and Roman Anthony (Ole Miss); Sonny DiChiara, Blake Burkhalter and Ike Irish (Auburn) and Dylan Rock, Micah Dallas, Jace LaViolette and Stanley Tucker (Texas A&M)--and many others!