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Liam Spence stays atop our SEC position player/DH rankings

 Chris Lee   in Baseball

Tennessee's Liam Spence continues his run at the top, while new names populate our Southeastern Conference position player/DH rankings elsewhere.

Ryan Bliss photo courtesy of Auburn athletics.

Listed in parenthesis are the number of runs each player is estimated to have created in all games, followed by runs created per 27 outs. We also consider defensive play and performance in conference play. 

1. Liam Spence, Tennessee, SS (43.2, 11.5): Leads the league in both batting average and on-base percentage in all games (.384, .528) as well as in league games (.408, .567)--and plays short, to boot.

2. Hayden Dunhurst, Ole Miss, C (34.7, 9.5): Has a .457 on-base mark in league games and leads the league with four pickoffs.

3. Tanner Allen, Mississippi State, RF (40.5, 10.0): Arguably the league's best all-around hitter in SEC games (.373/.455/.687). 

4. Nathan Hickey, Florida, C (43.6, 10.7): Still can't throw runners out, but it's hard to move him lower based on phenomenal offensive production.

5. Dylan Crews, LSU, RF (46.0, 11.3): He's the league's best freshman hitter.

6. Enrique Bradfield Jr., Vanderbilt, CF (38.2, 9.9): Leads the NCAA with 34 steals and has been caught just twice. 

7. Christian Franklin, Arkansas, CF (36.5, 8.4): Terrific all-around player who's caught fire lately.

8. Tre´Morgan, LSU, 1B (41.1, 9.6): Hitting .380/.435/.543 in SEC games; few have been more consistent.

9. Ryan Bliss, Auburn, SS (35.4, 8.3): Hitting .351/.413/.574 in conference play and ranks sixth in the league in assists (100) in all games.

10. Matt Goodheart, Arkansas, DH (33.0, 9.5): The value's all in his bat, but that bat's pretty good.

11. T.J. Collett, Kentucky, 1B (37.9, 9.4): Ranks inside the top 10 in on-base average (.426) and slugging (.704) in SEC games.

12. Peyton Wilson, Alabama, 2B (38.7, 7.8): Steady defender who can play a lot of places, and can play all over the diamond if needed.

13. Connor Tate, Georgia, RF (37.0, 8.7): Has cooled off some, but still hitting .337/.411/.663 within the league. 

14. Jud Fabian, Florida, CF (34.0, 7.2): There are some below him who've out-produced him a bit, but he plays a premium defensive position well and is a future first-rounder who's beginning to play like one.