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SEC pitcher power rankings: Rocker stays on top, Hoglund moves up

 Chris Lee   in Baseball

Kumar Rocker takes the top spot, while Ole Miss's Gunnar Hogland moves up a spot.

Gunnar Hoglund photo courtesy of Ole Miss.

Innings pitched and ERA in all games listed in parenthesis.

1. Kumar Rocker, Vanderbilt (69 IP, 1.70 ERA): 46 IP, 2.54 ERA in SEC play.

2. Gunnar Hoglund, Ole Miss (62, 2.47): Pitched six shutout innings vs. South Carolina after missing last week.

3. Jack Leiter, Vanderbilt (64.1, 2.10): Eight HR allowed in last three starts.

4. Kevin Kopps, Arkansas (42.1, 0.85): He's posted an incredible 75 Ks in relief.

5. Landon Marceaux, LSU (67, 2.15): 44 innings, 3.27 ERA in SEC games.

6. Doug Nikhazy, Ole Miss (51.2, 2.09): No one's been better (38.2 IP, 1.40 ERA) in league games.

7. Patrick Wicklander, Arkansas (47.2, 1.89): Has given Arkansas that steady starter it really needed.

8. Landon Sims, MSU (30, 0.60): Strikes out 54% of hitters.

9. Nick Maldonado, Vanderbilt (25, 0.60): Continues to be untouchable in important spots.

10. Christian Scott, Florida (41.2, 2.16): Was vulnerable this weekend, but body of work easily belongs on this list.

11. Chase Lee, Alabama (27, 1.33): Walk-on sidearmer continues to excel out of the bullpen.

12. Ryan Webb, Georgia (53.1, 3.04): Few in the league have a better breaking ball than Webb.

13. Cody Greenhill, Auburn (46.2, 3.09): Not flashy, but just does whatever the Tigers need, whether that's start or relieve.

14. Brett Kerry, South Carolina (30, 2.40): His 47% strikeout and 5% walk rates tell you how skilled he is.