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Week 10 hitter/position player rankings: Spence stays at top

 Chris Lee   in Baseball

Tennessee's Liam Spence stays at the top, while a few new faces make debuts in our rankings of SEC hitters and position players. 

T.J. Collett photo courtesy of the University of Kentucky. 

Here's our rankings of the 14 best position players (we included players who DH) in the SEC. We consider performance both in and out of the conference, with more weight given to SEC play, as well as strength of schedule. The number of runs each player is estimated to have created (and created per 27 outs), according to a Bill James formula, is listed in parenthesis. 

1. Liam Spence, Tennessee (35.8 RC, 12.1 RC/27): After an injury setback forced him to DH, he's back at short. 

2. Hayden Dunhurst, Ole Miss (30.4, 9.9): There aren't many catchers who hit like this...

3. Nathan Hickey, Florida (34.4, 10.3): ... though the Gators have one, too.

4. Will Frizzell, Texas A&M (36.9, 9.7): Has an argument as the best hitter in league play (.379/.439/.690).

5. Tre' Morgan, LSU (33.8, 10.0): He's been the Tigers' best hitter in SEC games (.357/.401/.607).

6. Payton Wilson, Alabama (34.7 8.7): Solid work with the bat, glove have perhaps made him the league's best middle infielder so far. 

7. Connor Tate, Georgia (31.2, 9.3): Tied for third with six home runs in league play.

8. Wes Clarke, South Carolina (34.3, 10.5): At the risk of sounding like a broken record, he's got to hit better than .200/.379/.400 in SEC games.

9. Dylan Crews, LSU (36.7, 11.1): SEC numbers (278/.371/.444) drop him a few spots down the list.

10. Brady Allen, South Carolina (32.9, 8.7): Center fielder has been Carolina's best in SEC games (.303/.361/.636).

11. T.J. Collett, Kentucky (30.5, 9.7): Hitting .345/.449/.603 within the SEC.

12. Matt Goodheart, Arkansas (30.2, 10.9): Lack of time in the field hurts him here, but, he's been the best of an excellent hitting team. 

13. Dominic Keegan, Vanderbilt (30.9, 12.6): The league's most efficient hitter in all games, but he's got to step it up (.293/.323/.431) in the SEC.

14. Tanner Allen, Mississippi State (30.4, 9.3): State's best hitter (.333/.441/.648) in SEC games.