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Dellenger: NCAA may lift 25-signee-per-class limits

 Chris Lee   in Football

Nick Saban photo courtesy of Alabama athletics.

According to a report by's Ross Dellenger, the NCAA may lift the cap its long-standing 25-man cap on football signing classes. 

The driver behind this: mass transfers since the advent of the transfer portal. According to Dellenger:

"Under the plan, schools can sign 25 new players while gaining additional signee spots for every player who transfers out of their program—up to a certain limit. The extra spots would be based on the number of players who enter the transfer portal under their own volition and would be capped at a figure, such as seven."

Dellenger added that a cap had not been finalized, but said the new rules could take effect as soon as 2022.

The transfer portal came into existence in 2018. Over 2,500 football players have entered the portal within the last year