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New NCAA singing limits waiver

 Billy Jones   in Football

NCAA approves one-year waiver that will allow teams an extra seven roster spots.

Photo credits to the Southeastern Conference

As the number of college players moving through the portal continues to increase, the NCAA has shown an interest in trying to help out coaches around the country in attempts to maintain a sufficient number of players in their roster by, in some situations, adding seven roster spots to each school’s football signing class.

A recent rule passed by the NCAA allowed for players to transfer without having to wait a year before playing, which was a cause for concern among many college coaches. They were upset over the strict limits on scholarships that could leave them very vulnerable should multiple players decide to transfer.

The NCAA, in turn, has decided on a one-year waiver for this year's signing class. These spots could be filled with transfer players in an attempt to help bolster rosters across the country and provide insurance.

If the NCAA decides to establish a permanent rule, the effect could be another example of what we have seen over the Playoff era: The rich will inevitably get richer. This decision from the NCAA may give peace of mind to coaches around the country but could lead to top programs being able to reload even more effectively than they have in the past, which is terrifying for everyone else.