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The ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 create an alliance to combat the SEC's expansion

 Chris Lee   in Football

Three major conferences made an announcement on Tuesday, though we still don't know exactly what it means.

The Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big Ten and the Pac-12 have formed an alliance in response to the Southeastern Conference's recent addition of Oklahoma and Texas.

Conference commissioners Jim Phillips (ACC), Kevin Warren (Big Ten) and George Kliavkovff (Pac 12) joined together in a Tuesday press conference, the three repeatedly addressing "instability" and "turmoil" within the college sports landscape. 

The SEC wasn't mentioned by name, however, the alliance comes weeks after a July announcement in which the SEC said it would add Texas and Oklahoma in 2025. 

Largely, the announcement lacked real details about what this will mean (you can read the Big Ten's wording of it here.) However, it's expected that a scheduling agreement between the leagues across football and men's and women's basketball could come out of the alliance.

News of the last month has also called into question the future of the College Football Playoff, which two months ago almost certainly seemed headed towards 12 teams.